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Brand Strategy

Before your audience can know you, you have to know yourself. Herein lies the strategic foundation of your brand. Through thorough research, assembling your brand architecture and careful positioning – a robust identity is born, speaking only to the ones who need to listen.

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Through a rich understanding of your world, marketplace and industry, we allow businesses to plot and compare their offering and brand position against competitors. In turn, making informed decisions that increase awareness and proudly spotlight your point of difference.


Immersing ourselves in the psycho-demographics of your target market is integral to our practice. By yielding key insights in consumer behaviour and perceptions, we hold the key to developing a brand that not only speaks to the right minds, but meaningfully connects with them.


Defining a brand’s desired positioning in the marketplace maps the all-important journey from where you are, to where you want to be. By establishing what feeling you want embedded in the subconscious of your audience, your positioning unveils the goal post toward which every decision is made.


Our team are specialised in evaluating the behaviours, motivations, frustrations, and dreams of consumers. With this knowledge, we highlight key opportunities for your brand development, creating a competitive advantage.


By defining attributes that outline the character, functionality and traits of an organisation, this pillar of brand architecture informs imagery, language and actions integral to both your external and internal business and communications.

  • Market Research +
  • Audience Research +
  • Brand Positioning +
  • Brand Perception +
  • Brand Attributes +

National distribution within 12 months.

“Our business now has an identifiable brand, professional website and all new product packaging.”

- Sally Stockwell- Eykamp Seeds
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New Brand
When we work with new brands or new products, we treat the process like we’re a founding partner. Developing a strategy for success.

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There comes a time when your brand doesn’t seem to fit anymore. Perhaps you’re held back by an image that’s smaller than your ambitions.

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