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Designing a brand might seem like names and logos, but in reality – it’s a creative combination of colour, shape, tone, sound, language and key messaging, that perform together in concert. Design lies far beyond moodboards and guidelines – it’s the vessel for effective communication.

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What’s in a name? Pretty much everything! Alongside your logo, a name is often the first impression of your brand, not to mention the central tool for engendering awareness, imagery and relationships. If name generation is required, we creatively develop a menu of possibilities, before the perfect one introduces itself.


We’re experts in crafting captivating visuals that not only differentiate your brand within the marketplace, but deeply connect with your audience. From colours to Logos to symbols and everything in-between – design’s what we know, and what we do best.

Tone of

Language, expression and mannerisms are all features of our unique personalities – and it’s no different with a brand! Our team of wordsmiths work with you to pinpoint the juncture between your key selling points, purpose and identity to define a distinct tone that shrewdly connects with your audience.


Key messages are the bridge between your marketing and your brand. Your unique selling propositions, crafted in ways that capture audiences. They span from values to personality to product – creating anchors for advertising, lead generation and strengthening the brand-consumer connection.


Brand guidelines – the quality control for the strategic foundation on which we’ve built your brand. From research to strategy to tone of voice, visual identity and brand architecture, this instrument forms the roadmap to maintaining and executing a robust identity, consistent brand imagery, and a compelling presence.

  • Name Generation
  • Brand Design
  • Tone of Voice
  • Messaging
  • Brand Guidelines

Global leader in sexual wellness

“A successful launch into the market and customer retention through all packaging refresh.”

- Sarah Flipp - LifeStyles Condoms
Four LifeStyles condom boxes in various colors and styles, including Regular, Protect, and Closer Fit, displayed on a blue background, highlighting the brand's product lineup and sustainable packaging efforts


New Brand
When we work with new brands or new products, we treat the process like we’re a founding partner. Developing a strategy for success.

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There comes a time when your brand doesn’t seem to fit anymore. Perhaps you’re held back by an image that’s smaller than your ambitions.

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