Koko & Stone’s Conscious chocolate lovers seek ethical alternatives they can feel good about purchasing, without compromising on the delicious flavour they are craving. While sustainable brands are often perceived as lacking in depth and craftmanship, there is an opportunity to produce to the highest quality, while also leaving a positive mark on the world. Enter Koko & Stone: everything you love about chocolate, plus ethics.

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Setting the Scene

Koko & Stone’s mission is to create vegan chocolates of the highest quality without compromising on flavour or ethical standards. After trialling their product within the Byron Bay market scene, they needed a way to stand out in a saturated market and connect with their audience. This meant communicating their USPs in a clear way to maximise their commercial and social impact. In simple terms, it’s delicious chocolate, made ethically.


The ‘Aha!’ Moment

 Differentiation is key in a crowded market. For Koko & Stone, we focused on reflecting the traditional process that was used in making the chocolate, ‘Made the old way, for a new world’. We utilised visual cues (i.e., coconut, cacao pod, and plant) that nodded to the plant-based nature of their product, supporting the emphasis on their ethical production process – made without dairy, refined sugars or artificial ingredients.


Creative Conclusions

 Icon development prominently features within the logo, and more subtly through the packaging design. Key organic shapes represent the ancient process of stone grinding, and hand-drawn illustrations feature inside the pack to further enhance the craft aspect of Koko & Stone’s production method to achieve ‘Silky smooth stone ground chocolate’. Brandwell facilitated brand marketing collateral, social media styling, and product packaging to showcase vegan chocolate you’ll love, and so will the earth.


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