Karnivoor began in 2021 with a passion for bringing authentic South African-inspired food to the Australian culinary scene. Here’s how Brandwell helped Karnivoor to develop a cohesive brand strategy, enabling them to launch and establish a distinctly memorable brand.

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When Greg from Karnivoor got in touch with the Brandwell team, he needed help to create a brand that would make a lasting impression, from packaging to the in-store experience. While Karnivoor offered a unique value proposition – promising flavourful delicacies


produced with top-quality ingredients – it needed to effectively position its brand and define clear audience personas. That’s where Brandwell stepped in to clarify the opportunity in the market, identifying the right audience and developing an effective brand strategy.


When it comes to crafting a brand strategy that will help your business succeed, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They have the experience and expertise needed to create a plan that articulates your brand’s positioning in the marketplace. In the case of Karnivoor, Brandwell kicked off the brand strategy process with extensive consultation, business research, and competitor review. What followed was a brand workshop comprising


an incorporated product sampling session. The Brandwell creative team built a strong brand strategy that would define the opportunity and establish a clear positioning in the market. After careful consideration, they decided that the brand name was the right fit and began to flesh out the verbal and visual identity of Karnivoor.

Branding Strategy

After determining the positioning of Karnivoor, it was time to move on to the next step: executing the brand strategy. This involved creating a verbal identity for Karnivoor which relayed its brand story, vision, values, key messaging, and tone of voice. Brandwell also designed a distinct visual identity to give the target audience a hint of the style and essence of Karnivoor. Custom illustrations were curated with a custom logo, ingredient, and product imagery.


Combined with a striking colour palette and textured stone finish, it gave the brand the desired perception to engage its audience and stand out on store shelves. Next up, a full custom website was created from scratch, with original copywriting throughout the entire site. Finally, a pitch deck was developed in order to help Karnivoor get its product into stores.

Campaign Success

With a cohesively designed brand strategy relaying Karnivoor’s exclusivity, the campaign has been a definite success. It has helped Karnivoor develop a solid footing in independent grocery chains and it is not too far away from securing some major Supermarket chains. Karnivoor is making a splash in the food market with plans to add many more new items to their inventory. They are truly on their way to becoming a household brand in Australia.

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