Dillicious Pickles

Dillicious Pickles is a manufacturer of American-style pickles done the traditional way. In order to expand their brand, they reached out to Brandwell with the hope of responding to the requests of major retailers and gaining more market share. Here is how Brandwell was able to assist them, help them gain exposure, and create a plan of action to help Dillicious Pickles reach their goals.

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James, the founder and general manager of Dillicious Pickles, was already relatively successful as a wholesaler within the hospitality industry. But he and his wife, Liza, who is also co-founder, saw an opportunity to expand and distribute their unique product through some major retailers. For them to achieve this, however, they needed an ironclad brand strategy and the proper guidance. Around this time, they reached out to Brandwell to develop their marketing, online presence, packaging, and mission statement. Needless to say, Brandwell immediately began drafting a brand vision.



James and Liza are pickle experts, that much was never questioned. But what they lacked at the time was what we specialised in: branding and design. We quickly got to work conducting research, monitoring competitors, and analysing the market. Initially, we proposed to identify and develop a clear brand strategy. That strategy would serve as the foundation for our next step, which was the marketing strategy. The marketing strategy would run off into the verbal and visual identity that we would help develop. And the end goal was to evolve the brand as a whole while keeping the marketing, and visual and verbal identities engaging, exciting, and consistent throughout.


Branding Strategy

Following an extensive and informative client consultation, the team at Brandwell conducted further research into the market and their competitors, and developed a brand workshop. This resulted in a strong brand strategy that would strategically position Dillicious Pickles within their respective market. A custom hand-drawn logo and illustrations were created utilising a standout colour palette and distressed typeface to make it ‘pop’. The goal was to portray the essence of the brand while giving insight into the uniqueness of the product. We created a new website for the client that was complete with SEO copywriting across the entire website.



We worked closely with the client to create and implement the best strategy for the wholesale and retail product ranges. The vision, mission statement, and key content pillars were developed and reflected through an engaging brand story. The continuity of the brand’s visual identity, extending to the packaging and website, gave Dillicious Pickles a respectable presence both on and offline, which led to increased engagement with the Australian audience. The packing helped the item stand out and receive attention on retailers’ shelves.


Campaign Success

Dillicious Pickles loved the strategy we came up with and were even more in love with the execution of said strategy. They were particularly excited about the evolution of the brand itself and quickly began implementing the strategy we developed into their marketing plan. The newly designed website is clear and appealing, which has led to some great feedback and responses. They have slowly begun rolling out the new packaging design, which looks more engaging and speaks to the values of the company.


They are also benefitting from increased engagement due to the new point of sale material. Overall, James and Liza are tremendously satisfied with what we have done so far. Dillicious Pickles is looking to make a name for themselves in the Australian grocery market and should be distributed by retailers across Australia in the near future.

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