In a highly competitive marketplace, you want to do everything in your power to make your brand launch memorable. You need to get noticed from the get-go and launch your product in front of your ideal audience.

Bliss is an exciting new startup company offering teeth whitening strips. As you can imagine, a few companies are offering a similar product on the Australian market.

So, what makes Bliss different? What will they do to steal attention away from others in a busy marketplace?

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When Dom from Bliss got in touch with the Brandwell team, he was on a mission. He had developed two types of teeth whitening strips and knew it was a very much in-demand product.

You only need to scroll through Instagram to see how many influencers promote teeth whitening brands these days!

Dom had previously started eCommerce businesses, so his knowledge of setting up an online business was evident. But where Dom struggled was creating a clear strategy to launch a personal care brand to market in the most impactful manner, as this market was new to him.

The Brandwell creative team spent an extensive amount of time with Dom and the Bliss team.

When Dom passionately spoke about his products and where he wanted to see their position in the marketplace, along with future success, our team were able to help define his new business journey.

The Brandwell team, not undervaluing Dom’s extensive eCommerce experience, helped him create a clear brand identity for the personal care market.

What this involved:

  • An extensive consultation and research stage (to appreciate Dom’s passion and see how similar brands positioned themselves in the market)
  • A brand workshop (to thrash out ideas around product names, logos, colours, packaging and target audiences)
  • Thorough competitor research (to see the extent of similar products on the market, see their marketing tactics, and create more impactful solutions for Dom)

Branding Strategy
The brand strategy for Dom and Bliss involved 3 significant elements – the visual and verbal identities and the design and development of the eCommerce website. These elements must come together effortlessly to create the consistent and clear brand message the Brandwell team strived to achieve.

When this clear brand messaging is used across all of Dom’s marketing (socials, website and so on), he’ll be able to engage quickly with his ideal audience.

The Brandwell team started with the new brand’s verbal identity:

  • The Bliss brand story (the who and why of Dom’s new business)
  • Key messaging (what Dom wanted people to know about his products, his background, and his business)
  • Vision values (what Dom and his brand stood for)
  • Language and tone of voice (how his brand and the ideal audience speak)

Next, the visual identity of the brand came to life:

  • The logo
  • The colour palette (what will make an impact yet be different)
  • Typography and image styling (to be used across all mediums)
  • Social media styling (to remain on brand and consistent online)
  • Marketing collateral (including the all-important design of the product packaging)

Once Dom approved his new brand’s verbal and visual identity, a comprehensive set of Brand Guidelines were written. Dom, and others in his company, now have a guide to follow to ensure the entire team stay on-brand with all communications.

Finally, the vital elements for any eCommerce brand were created:

  • A complete eCommerce custom Shopify site was designed and developed
  • Custom integrations were used to enhance the shop (and user) experience of the new website
  • Copywriting (in the brand’s tone of voice) across the website to engage Dom’s ideal audience.

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