A Brand is Not a logo

10/12/19 | aircraft

What does it mean to tell your brand story? Well, like all good stories there are layers. A brand does more than just say things, or do things, or make things. It’s an emotional investment. Brands allow people to be part of something …something to share.

The Logo

We’ve no doubt your cousin designs sick logos. We’re sure it looks good, great even – but without the strategy that defines your identity, your message, the way your business does business, well … it kinda stops there.

Your logo is just one piece of the puzzle – and yes, it’s one significant piece because it’s the primary visual signifier of your brand, but, erm … it’s just one piece of the puzzle. One day, when people look at your logo they’ll instantly get all the feels that are associated with your brand, but before that day arrives, there’s a lot that happens in between

The feel

Your logo doesn’t make people feel a certain way, you do. You do it by having a unique voice. You showcase it with your knowhow. You create an experience through every interaction: like a seamless experience on your website, with your presence in digital media, when everything about your products distinctly evokes your brand, like the way your packaging looks and feels… and oh so important: how you listen to your customers.

These various touchpoints of engagement all stem from the core values of your business. And that’s what represents your brand, because that’s your identity.

The bigger picture

You can’t create a logo without a brand. There you go – we said it! It may be controversial to some, but it’s one of the values that represent our identity (see what we did there). Put simply, designing a logo alone is something that falls in our “we can’t do it” category.

We won’t offer you some shapes and say there you go, you’re done. This process of ours isn’t just about making something look good. It’s about aligning visuals with your identity, and through powerful design, we’ll translate that into something people feel. So, when people connect with your brand, they associate themselves with you … your community. They now belong to a tribe. It’s the ultimate show of loyalty and it’s what keeps people coming back.

The Advice

First up, believe in the value of your brand. Work out who you are and think about how that translates into every touchpoint. Work out your why, and tie everything back to it. Understand how you want to be perceived and why someone would want to connect with you, then make it happen by creating processes to support it.

Now, you’re ready for a logo.

The Promise

Your brand is not your logo, your tagline, your product, your service … alone, or combined. It’s the promise of a distinct, memorable experience. And it’s why someone chooses you.

Our promise to you is that we’ll change things, but we won’t break things. We’ll take your brand places … so, let’s make it happen.